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Tyler’s Nutrition Training & Fitness is passionately dedicated to providing the local and international community (of all ages) with life-long nutritional education and training practices. Tyler’s Nutrition Training & Fitness takes pride in fostering a supportive and welcoming environment for educating and coaching individuals in living healthy fitness lifestyles with permanent success.


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Tyler Mayer

Tyler Mayer

Owner,Nutrition and Training Coach View Details
Nichol Heltmach

Nichol Heltmach

Director of Operations, Nutrition and Training Coach View Details
Annalise Shingler

Annalise Shingler

Director of Marketing, Nutrition and Training Coach View Details
Tyler Mayer

Tyler Mayer

Owner,Nutrition and Training Coach

Tyler Mayer is an IFPA and PNBA pro competitive natural bodybuilder, diet & strength coach, and competitive powerlifter. He has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and has been competing for over 8 years.

Tyler became a Diet Doc licensed operator in 2011 and is also one of an elite team of competition prep Peaking Directors, trained and mentored by Dr. Joe Klemczewski. He is currently completing his degree in Human Nutrition and several other nutrition certifications.

Tyler specializes in nutrition, weight loss, and health consulting and works with a wide range of individuals from those interested in general weight loss and developing a more energetic lifestyle to endurance athletes and physique competitors.

When Tyler takes time to relax he loves to kick back with his best friend and girlfriend, Nichol, and faithful feline companions, Kai and Mikah, for a movie or some time spent reading. In his reading queue now: The Success Principles, by Jack Canfield. Tyler takes his client’s goals as seriously as his own, optimizing success every step of the way.

Nichol Heltmach

Nichol Heltmach

Director of Operations, Nutrition and Training Coach

Nichol’s interest and desire to help others through fitness and nutrition was shaped from her own tumultuous life experiences. From her own journey, she is a living testament that by properly fueling one’s body can lead to endless opportunities.

Nichol was first began her fitness journey as an athlete when she began participating in Muay Tai/Boxing at Arizona Combat Sports and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at GD Jiu-Jitsu over a decade ago.
A few years later, she transitioned into bodybuilding, competed as a national-level bikini competitor, and when that wasn’t enough, began competing as a powerlifter. Throughout her various athletic transitions, she had Tyler Mayer as her nutritional coach, and through his mentorship, she recognized a deep desire to help others too.

In the midst of her personal development and growth as an athlete, Nichol has experienced severe challenges. What sets Nichol apart from other coaches, is an extensive list of food allergies and a battle with Celiac disease. Her determination to conqueror Celiac disease and other painful sensitivities has also ignited a passion to help others and become a resource to those with similar dietary conditions, intolerances, and inflammations.

Nichol specializes in coaching and supporting both men and women to achieve their personal fitness, weight loss, and competitor stage presentation. She thrives on the reward of coaching and seeing her clients succeed by working through their most difficult times of struggle. Nichol’s mantra is “nutrition first” so that one can live a much happier lifestyle!

Annalise Shingler

Annalise Shingler

Director of Marketing, Nutrition and Training Coach

It might be said that one of my greatest talents is: packing. As a child with a father who served in our Air Force, I technically don’t have a hometown, and consider myself “nomadic”. Given that physically transient lifestyle growing up, it should come as little surprise to learn that I’ve also had a nomadic career-journey. I have been: a freelance professional photographer, 7th grade English teacher, ASU Art instructor, and now personal trainer offering nutritional macro services!

Yes. And a huge thanks to those in my fitness community…
It’s like they say…it’s a journey.

The word and essence I try to embody daily: perseverance.

In the depth of my core, I now try to live each day to my best potential (nutritionally, physically and emotionally) while also trying to expand my knowledge of fitness and health and serve as a resource of (at least!) inspiration to others about persevering for a big dream!

Guiding, educating, loving and being of service to others is my big dream!

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