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Team TNT Mission and Vision

We could tell you that TNT is a passionate group of nutrition coaches, but this is so much more than that. This is our family and when you win, we win. We want to make your goals achievable. We do this by setting out a plan and supporting you to success. No matter what it takes or how you learn best, we want to see you thrive and learn what it means to have balance in nutrition and in mindset. We believe your life will be made better when you have the tools and knowledge to be successful in fitness and health. We’ve uncovered a really special thing in flexible dieting. We can’t keep it to ourselves. We owe it to the world to share.

By teaching you our flexible dieting methods, TNT takes the stress, the worry, the guilt, and the obsession out of reaching your weight loss goals. We’ll teach you day by day, week by week, and month by month until this becomes your way of life.

The approach we teach is sustainable and based in science and research. Flexible dieting is honest and it produces honest results... not just for athletes and bodybuilders… but for you and everyone you know.

We believe in our product, and we believe in our family of coaches and clients. That’s the thing with families, they just keep getting bigger and the feeling grows. There’s something special about watching people you care about succeed. That’s the feeling we live for. Let us share it with you.

Tyler Mayer

Snapchat: TMayer15

Tyler Mayer is the founder of TNT and has been changing lives with flexible dieting for over 7 years. Those who have met Tyler and worked with him can attest to the fact that he is much more than a nutrition coach and entrepreneur. His life experience and passion for sharing something that changed his life is what drove him to found TNT and his love for seeing others succeed is what has brought him success.

It’s impossible to fake selflessness and Tyler doesn’t. He is in the business of making people’s lives better and more balanced from the inside out and his coaching style brings out the best in everyone. His drive to help others be successful is what sets TNT apart. Tyler is on fire to change the health and fitness world for the better and he won’t stop until that job is complete.

Tyler is a successful IFPA and WNBF Natural Pro Bodybuilder and a nationally qualified powerlifter in the USAPL and USPA. He is also a lifelong athlete having participated and excelled in numerous sports. His varied success is what allows him to take others to the next level in their own journey...whether it be on a stage, on a powerlifting platform or in the most important measure of success, in living a capable and fulfilling daily life.

Tyler is backed and certified by Dr. Joe Klemczewski and the Diet Doc and is a Team K Peaking Director. He also has over 10 years experience in the medical field which has strengthened his ability and understanding in disease based nutrition. He has worked with hundred of individuals with various backgrounds, from those seeking general weight loss to competitive bodybuilders, powerlifters, endurance and jiu jitsu athletes.
He takes pride in all their achievements no matter the scale and he constantly challenges those around him to be their best every day.

Lee Ann Thompson

Lee Ann Thompson is a nutrition and posing coach at TNT and a NASM CPT.

A police officer, Lee Ann chose to leave the force and be a full time mom when her son was born. When she decided to enter her first show, Lee Ann was lucky enough to fall into the hands of Tyler Mayer. Tyler introduced her to flexible dieting. Having overcome disordered eating in college, she saw the balance, freedom and sustainability behind this diet approach. Lee Ann loved being a stay at home mom, but after experiencing competing first hand and seeing the lack of balance in many competitors lives, she jumped at the chance to work at TNT and is on fire for spreading the light Tyler shared with her.

Lee Ann is a very passionate coach, and taps into her real world experience to problem solve and lead her clients to success. A lifetime of sports, including Pac 12 soccer at UC Berkeley and Semi Pro Tackle Football, taught her that small goals being met is often the key to improvement. This focus on daily improvement, rather than perfection, is the hallmark of her coaching style. As a mom, Lee Ann knows the challenges of a busy schedule, family life, and not enough hours in the day. She also knows that these struggles can be overcome, and consistently helps each client become their best self both physically and emotionally.

Lee Ann loves to have fun, and makes the coaching process as painless as can be. Her diverse life experience makes her genuinely empathetic and relatable to everyone she meets. She has competed in bikini, figure and physique divisions, becoming a Figure Pro in the IFPA in 2015. She has competed on the NPC national stage in both Bikini and Figure, and continues to compete in the IFPA, WNBF, and NPC.

David Davis

Without knowing David, you might not guess that he has a huge love for weight training and fitness. Out of the gym, he’s a comic book and movie fanatic. He is from southern California but grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and he loves the outdoors. He’s been in the fitness community for about 9 years and participated in multiple sports throughout his life. After high school he was searching for something to keep him motivated and that’s where lifting weights came in. After a few years of training and building a base, he was approached by a local coach who said he should compete in bodybuilding. In 2009, David stepped on the stage as a bodybuilder for the first time.

During his first contest prep, David experienced the “bro method” of bodybuilding. He had a restrictive diet and cut water and sodium going into the show. He followed a strict meal plan throughout the prep and post show gained nearly 40 lbs in his off season. He prepped using this method one more time before these experiences led him to believe there must be a better way to reach the stage without the monotonous, and potentially dangerous methods he had been exposed to. He felt there had to be a better way to compete in this sport than just following the crowd.

Going into his next off season, he started to question the bodybuilding and dieting methods he had used. He started digging into the science behind nutrition and the body’s physiological response to food and that’s when he found flexible dieting. During his next competitive season, David started implementing the Flexible Dieting lifestyle and made huge changes to his physique! He saw that he could get leaner, and gain more muscle than those around him by using a strategic approach based that was based in science. He has seen success on multiple stages and has been passionate about sharing his love for Flexible Dieting ever since!

In 2012, an unexpected twist in David’s story occurred. His progress was temporarily put to a halt when he was involved in a serious motorcycle accident where he fractured numerous bones including his neck, back, skull and ribs. As a result, David had T1 through T5 vertebrae in his back fused. It took 3 months for him to walk unassisted. David is no stranger to adversity and knows what it takes to overcome an injury. Against all odds, he has returned to the Powerlifting platform several times after his injury and broken multiple state records in Arizona. It is also no surprise that he will return to the Bodybuilding stage in the Fall of 2016. David is the perfect example of the saying, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” . He lifts up everyone around him and leads by example.

David has successfully coached many Powerlifting and Bodybuilding athletes in Arizona, some of whom hold State and National level records. He pushes everyone he coaches to new levels with his mastery of and passion for workout programming. Those who have had the pleasure of being coached by him can easily see that he is a gifted technician in his field and his ability to implement the most optimal strategy in training is what sets him apart from the rest!