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Don't struggle to fit common foods into your macro structure--check out these 10 alternatives to help you budget and enjoy your macros!
It’s “off-season”...what do I do now? Answer: THE TOUGH MUDDER
It's important to evolve athletically throughout your life. Consider participating in other challenging events like The Tough Mudder.
Living With Celiac Disease: The Battle of Brain Fog and Gluten Fatigue
Brain fog and gluten fatigue are some of the effects of gluten contamination of someone with celiac disease. Gluten fatigue is something
"Fat" is not a Feeling: Intuitive-Eating & Flexible-Dieting
Fat is not a feeling: the connection between "intuitive-eating" and flexible-dieting as a method for sustaining healthy eating practices.
Powerlifting: Tyler's Workout Log 1.16.15
Now that I have a good place to blog, I'm going to be posting more of my progress every week on here along with more videos of how I'm doing over the course of the year. Now that my ribs are feeling better, my strength seems to be making it's way back up. I'm now feeling about 90% pain free in my ribs compared to before where I was in so much pain after my squat and deadlifts sets...
IIFYM: Flexible Dieting and Meal Prepping
In the years that I have been helping people with reaching their fitness goals, one thing that has always been really tough for most people and that's planning out their meals. I'm not talking about following a "meal plan" per se, but I'm more talking about preparing yourself to be successful with reaching your overall goal. It's just like anything that you do in life. If you aren't prepared ...