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The secret to obtaining a great physique...
Lee Ann Thompson in Contest Prep, Bodybuilding, Flexible Dieting, IIFYM
December 10, 2015 · 5 minutes read
How do you eat an elephant? …One bite at a time!
Often, when looking at our fitness goals, we try to bite off too much, too soon. We are left feeling frustrated or overwhelmed--even though we started with the best intentions in mind. On January 1st, many start their New Year's fitness resolutions with 7 days a week of cardio, 7 days a week of weight training, AND a brand new diet...
Team TNT Client IIFYM Transformations
Here's another one of our TNT Transformations using the flexible dieting approach!
Team TNT Client IIFYM Transformations
Joseph Martin is a perfect IIFYM Transformations and is able to enjoy the foods he likes because of the flexibility or IIFYM to enjoy life.
Team TNT Testimonial
I just wanted to give a quick share of one of our TNT testimonials from one of our very own coaches, Annalise Shingler
I forgot my meal...what do I do??
in Flexible Dieting, IIFYM
2 minutes read
If you track macros & forget a meal at home: don't panic! Use your experience to make educated decisions on-the-go, even at a quick shop!
It’s “off-season”...what do I do now? Answer: THE TOUGH MUDDER
It's important to evolve athletically throughout your life. Consider participating in other challenging events like The Tough Mudder.
Living With Celiac Disease: The Battle of Brain Fog and Gluten Fatigue
Brain fog and gluten fatigue are some of the effects of gluten contamination of someone with celiac disease. Gluten fatigue is something
"Fat" is not a Feeling: Intuitive-Eating & Flexible-Dieting
Fat is not a feeling: the connection between "intuitive-eating" and flexible-dieting as a method for sustaining healthy eating practices.