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Looking back, bringing Tyler on board was the smartest thing I could have done. I had competed several times on my own and though I had some OK success I began to get discouraged. I saw some of his clients in a show I was in and it was amazing. They all looked great. Previously having a bad experience with a prep coach I began communication with Tyler and he answered all my questions and concerns. I brought him on for a short 7-8 week prep into the next show. Keep in mind, my body was in what I was told, “stage condition.” During that short period Tyler answered all my concerns about the prep and how it was going in a quick manner. Tyler also took the time to get together and help with some posing. I felt comfortable in what we were doing, because he was taking me farther than I ever thought I could go. In the end I looked my best and won my Masters pro card in 2012. Having somebody in your corner, knowing first hand of what it takes and what you may be going through was a big deal to me. By no means was this easy and at times was very difficult but Tyler was there with the experience to push me through the tough times. The diet plan was easy to follow though at times was hard to stick to, once you understand the system it can be used for a lifetime. With that said, I still will have Tyler in my corner when the time comes for another prep in the future.
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