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I have worked with Tyler for several years.  Not only has he helped me transform my body, he has also helped me transform my mind.  I’ve paid for nutrition and training and have received so much more than that.  He has been a mentor, educator, psychologist, you name it, to help me achieve my goals and become a better person in the process.  His passion and love for what he does shows in the level of quality service he provides.  I have watched him build his business to now include a training facility and a team of coaches and trainers who are just as passionate and good at what they do.  I feel as if I am part of a great family that motivates, celebrates successes and carries you during tough times. 
I originally chose Tyler to try a new approach to the “meal plan” way of prepping for a bikini competition and a desire to place better than my prior competition.   It was a learning curve for me to give up the mindset that the only way to look good was to eat “clean” 100% of the time and drop all of my favorite foods.  Under Tyler’s guidance, I have progressed from the Bikini division to Figure and have earned my Pro card.  I am able to eat the same things during competition prep that I do when I’m not dieting, including my favorite food “chocolate”.   I have also gotten quite strong during this time.  I get so many compliments on my strength from the typically male dominated free weight section of the gym.  It is highly motivating.  My fitness level continues to increase and at 45 I am stronger and fitter than I have ever been.
Whatever your goals, Tyler and Team TNT will get you there.  The investment in yourself is well worth it.
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