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Tyler Mayer’s results speak for itself in the champion physiques he produces.

After a three year hiatus from competing, I decided to team with Tyler because of the incredible conditioning he produces in his athletes and I felt I needed another unbiased eye to keep me accountable—prepping oneself comes with high anxiety! Through my competition past, I became aware that no one is going to be more critical on myself, than myself and I felt that I needed to eliminate myself as a potential roadblock in brining my best physique to date once deciding to compete.

Three years ago, Tyler promised me that my subsequent contest season be my best season yet. His predictions were accurate—we achieved more than I could ever imagine: 2 Overall wins, 2 Natural Pro Cards and most recently, 2 second place placings in my first two Natural Pro shows.

As I write this, we have the WNBF World Championships in sight!

Needless to say, I wholeheartedly trust Tyler with my physique 110%, for he has helped me to take me to the next level. As great as he is as nutrition coach, he is an even better human being. The world needs more people with the passion of Tyler Mayer.
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