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Joining TNT was the best decision I’ve made in my bodybuilding career hands down. I’ve done different diets and prep techniques, but all of them left me questioning why I wasn’t looking the way I wanted to. I found myself saying “I’m doing tons of cardio, a super strict diet and eating every 2 hours and I still look like ass!” That all changed when this nice man named Tyler Mayer gave me his card. That next year I competed in two shows prepping with TNT all the way through, winning my class and the overall in both. That whole time I felt I was 100% cared for and could tell the entire prep was personalized. Its an amazing thing to really see your body look the way you want it to, knowing that the person helping you knows what they are doing and loves doing it! I highly recommend TNT for any person prepping for any show, as I’m going to continue to use them for all of mine.
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