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Tyler has given me a sustainable, lifetime system to be healthy and stop yo-yo dieting. I am not an athlete. I am a retired Grandma. I understood nothing about macros and nutrition. I believe one of my first questions to Tyler was asking what a macro was. It took me decades to get my body where it was, so I committed to a year working with Tyler. I eat the foods I love as long as I can fit them into my daily macros…so it stopped my cravings and binge eating.  I have communicated with Tyler exclusively thru email.  It worked great.  Daily at first, then twice a week, he reviews my food and macros and makes modifications.  He encourages me and holds me accountable to the many changes he has made so I could progress to my goal.  I am down a total of 40 pounds and am now learning maintenance.  My body has transformed to better than it was in my 30′s.  I am healthy and have muscle tone for probably the first time in my life.  Tyler is a great guy to work with.  He has a system that worked amazingly well for me.  It is something I know I can do forever and be healthy.  Wish I would have had his expertise years ago.
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